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Our new location!

Thanks to the hard work put in by the members and students of American Combative Systems, our new location is open for business! Thank You everyone that helped get the new place ready!




Upcoming Tournaments

ADCC Texas Championships

July 24th & 25th (Houston,TX @ Legends Sports Complex)
Register here: http://www.texasregisration.com/





Our Classes

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Classes at American Combative Systems offer training for individuals of all ages and fitness levels. If you've never studied martial arts before, don't worry. Our instructor's primary concern is for your safety and you will never be asked to do anything beyond your ability level. Trial lessons are fun, educational, and a great way to see how BJJ and/or MMA can improve your confidence as well as your fitness level.


If you are already an advanced student, dont worry.  You will be challenged through new techniques and variations that will improve your BJJ and MMA game.


Classes start out with a fantastic cardio workout to get your heart pumping, followed by drills and techniques.  Class usually ends with five minute rounds of rolling and a question and answer session.  The classes switch styles before tournaments to help those participating to be prepared.  Whether you are participating in a tournament or not, you will benefit from the tournament style training and help your fellow teamates improve their game.


What are the benefits for kids?  Take a look!


Our classes provide more than just a fun and healthy way to get fit.  Your child will benefit from a multi-level program that will help your child build positive character and stay healthy!  Here are some important things you can expect from the children's program at American Combative Systems:


Positive Self-Esteem!

Our program gives children a sense of accomplishment that improves their self-esteem as well as keeping them active.



Children learn techniques with a partner and can demonstrate these techniques and how they work.  This gives children self confidence in their abilities.



By training with a partner, children get to see and feel first hand how self defense techniques work and how to use them if they are needed outside of class.  We are also very stringent on teaching children when these techniques are appropriate and the concequences of improper use.


Problem Solving!

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a lot like a physical strategy game.  Children learn to think several steps ahead and how to positively handle obstacles. 


Aggression Control!

Children need a positive way to expend pent up energy.  Our classes offer a fun and safe environment for them to exert that energy in a positive manner.



The effectivness of our program is based on good discipline and good behavior.  Rules are recognized and enforced in the class, school, and home!


Gi Jiu-Jitsu


No Gi Jiu-jitsu